published: 07/24/2020 3:09 PM

updated: 07/24/2020 3:37 PM

Due to the recent increase in COVID cases across the country, the once stable supply of COVID convalescent plasma has now decreased to the point where there is a critical need for it to be replenished.

COVID convalescent plasma (plasma is the liquid portion of blood), obtained from someone who has recovered from COVID, contains the antibodies that help fight against the virus when transfused into another COVID patient. Although the studies as to its effectiveness are not yet complete, there is a very strong indication that COVID plasma has the potential to be a lifesaving therapy, evidenced by the over 30,000 COVID plasma treatments that have been given to patients.

To try to identify potential plasma donors, and help increase the supply of COVID plasma, the Maryland COVID Plasma Initiative will be hosting our fifth COVID antibody drive on Tuesday, July 28, at Bnos Yisroel, from 8-10 PM.

In order to participate in this drive, you must first register with the Maryland COVID Plasma Initiative. Given the fact that the purpose of this drive is to identify potential donors of COVID plasma, we ask that you only register if:
You have a positive COVID test (nasal swab or saliva test) to confirm that you actually had COVID
You are willing to donate plasma if the antibody test confirms your eligibility

After your registration is reviewed, you will receive an email notifying you if you are qualified to test and with any further information.

Please click on the link to register for next Tuesday’s drive.